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USB Lock RP Datasheet

USB Lock RP is a powerful USB device control software designed for enterprise use.
It provides centralized management of USB devices, protecting computers from potential threats and data loss.

USB Lock RP Control Screenshot

Key Features:

  • Centrally Managed
  • Real-time Control
  • Whitelisting and Monitoring
  • Automatic Authorization Mode
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  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Prevents Malware Infections
  • Compliance with Policies
  • Permanent Licensing Model


  • Network TCP/IP
  • Windows Operating Systems

How to Use:

  1. Install the software on your network.
  2. Authorize specific USB devices.
  3. Enjoy secure USB management.
Latest version highlights (PDF)
  • Download the functional DEMO or request a small set licensed as Proof-of-Concept to your organization.
  • Test how USB Lock Software manages USB ports and devices access to endpoints for free.

The Advanced Systems Team invites you to explore USB Lock RP and enhance the security of your network.