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Global reach company dedicated to information security software development, support, and global licensing.
Our company goal is to continue to provide straightforward, effective solutions, that do the job better, utilizing minimum system resources, with emphasis in easy of use, and real-time response.

Advanced Systems International was founded on 2004. The Advanced Systems team started development of its flagship security software product USB-Lock-RP`from headquarters in Peru. USB-Lock-RP Copyright

USB-Lock-RP (Remote Protect) is Strong Endpoint Security Software, designed to protect organizations windows networks from the risks associated with portable storage use.

Since initial development The Advanced Systems Team has focused on incorporating support to newer operating systems, and to include new portable device technologies under its protection scope, without dropping support to legacy operating systems. Over the years it has remained true to its original concept of providing a straightforward tool to allow effective device control and prevent data loss and systems infection in windows organizations networks.

Today in 2018 while complex highly integrated solutions proliferate. Both IIoT and IoT challenge Cybersecurity providers. USB-Lock-RP™© remains a specialized tool that brings ease to complexities and provides centralized device control capable of protecting organizations data assets and stopping USB-based exploits before they spread.

We are proud not to follow but lead, we are different:

USB-Lock-RP is designed to:

Operate independently, no active directory or internet connection is required.

Use minimum system resources, USB-Lock-RP resources requirement are not significantly greater than the requirements to run the bare operating system.

Same MSI installer can be used to deploy in any Windows OS 32 or 64 bit, this greatly facilitates initial client mass deployment on hybrid networks.

Our Licensing model provides permanent (perpetual licensing) our software never expires, not even the demo.

Base technical support is always available regardless of software maintenance subscription status.

Support is provided by developers, our team can take meaningful immediate action in resolving any specific technical issue.

All licensing includes 2 years software assurance & maintenance.

We do not push sales (licensing), we inform of the product availability and provide a functional demo. If you reached us you have most likely arrived by existing user recommendation or by organic search, we do all SEO inside.

All software is licensed and delivered personalized bearing the licensing organization logo in all alert screens presented at client stations and at the control. (Accompanied by a written license certificate)

Same software set suitable to protect operating systems in small, mid and large networks. USB-Lock-RP sets are prepared with a range capacity capable of managing security from 10 to 1200 clients per Control.

Best Regards,

Javier A. Arrospide
CEO of Advanced Systems International.
Author of USB-Lock-RP security software. website

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USB Lock Software

USB-Lock-RP software protects over 800 organizations Worldwide.

Legal Notice:
USB-Lock-RP™©, USB-Lock-RPD™©, USB-Lock-RP Plus™©, USB-Lock-RP E™©, USB-Lock-Standard™©, USB-Lock-AP™©, USB-Aware™©, USB-Lock-RP-ONE™©, USB-Lock-Portable-Protector™© are software products TradeMark and Copyright of Advanced Systems International SAC.