Straightforward network endpoint security

USB LOCK RP Remote Protect

centralized endpoint security, Data Loss Protection

Secure organizations data assets from unauthorized use of removable storage capable hardware, compact discs, media transfer protocol portable devices and wireless transmissions

(For SCADA or Corporate networks)

  • Centralized control over removable portable storage access to the network
  • Easy authorize specific usb storage devices access at local or network level
  • Capable of authorizing specific e-sata drives and block all newly conected.
  • Realtime set or change endpoint security measures and automatically receive and log details on blocked, and authorized connections.
  • Presents informative alerts screens at client side upon devices connections (personalized with your organization logo)
  • Designed not to interfere with the use of non storage capable peripherals
  • Simple Installation (for large networks the client setup is provided in MSI format to allow silent mass initial deploy)
  • Up to date with latest generation super speed technology interfaces
    usb 3.0, e-sata and firewire drives
  • Straightforward access control for windows SCADA and corporate network endpoints, Blocks portable devices access at endpoint level, effectively preventing data leakage and system infection.(centralized DLP control)
  • Endpoint data security for LAN WAN WLAN Windows Networks running 2K, XP, Windows Server 2003, Vista,Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows 8 (32 or 64 bit) operating system, so light on system resources usage usb lock rp device control even works on embedded systems Like Windows POSREADY 2009 or WES 2009. 
  • USB Lock RP Network enpoint security software devices access control  is the most compatible and expandable software of its kind. and will not interfere with HID (Human interfase devices like Keyboards or Mouses and is capable of working in conjunction with advanced KVM swithches like Matrox Extio models that extend the distance of KVM and usb port from the workstation distances of up to 1000 meters. (Wich by the way are also great products to use as part of you security measures and pair very well with usb lock rp.) 
  • Capable of protecting regular or virtual machine workstations and servers  host or guest Operating Systems.
  • Initial silent mass deployment in msi format USB Lock RP digitally signed client installer will set you on the right path to ISO27K /SOX compliance & most important really protect your data assets.

Straightforward centralized endpoint security offering devices network access control (video)  

Extended capabilities: (included unless you tell us not to include)
  • Monitoring of authorized usb drive file extractions
  • Auto email records of authorized devices file extractions & device conections across the network endpoints, sending this records to a SMTP email within your domain in realtime as events are received at the control, Function allows for TLS or SSL transmission protocols.adds:
  • Portable protection for authorized devices
  • Centralized password management storage & control.
  • Smart usb auto encryption (force encryption of all transfer data to authorized devices automatically)

"Speaking about balance and software engineering. If the best way to create functionality is by variable creation, the best way to maximize performance is by variable elimination, USB Lock RP network endpoint security software design balances functionality and performance for a specific purpose. Protect SCADA or Corporate windows network workstations and servers from data loss or system infection by means of unauthorized use of Plug & Play interfaces." Javier Arrospide/CEO

  • The software approach is very straightforward and of automatic real-time response, reporting, blocking & authorizing behavior. Server-Client application. (During testing the Control can be operated from a regular or virtual workstations or server). 
  • Orders are attended within 8 hours made personalized with end-user organization logo on alert screens top left corner. Licenses are permanent use. Our tech support is included, and updates are at no charge for 2 years.
  • Since 2004 we are specifically devoted to USB Lock RP software and the protection of organizations networks data assets from incoming preventing systems infection as well as outgoing preventing data loss by means of plug & play removable media and more...
  • Now in 2015 USB Lock RP is an stablished software brand protecting production systems and operations across the globe.
Network Endpoint Security USB Lock RP