USB-Lock-RP Scada Network Endpoint Protection

USB-Lock-RP© Scada network security software, is a straightforward solution that specializes on the protection of Scada supervisory computers network. Provides effective portable devices access control to a broad range of windows operating-systems (NT5.1 to NT10), Securing Scada systems (Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 servers and stations) critical network infrastructure, like no other software does.

Protect Scada supervisory computers network:

USB-Lock-RP, Protects SCADA network endpoints, from the threat presented by the, unauthorized use of removable storage, portable devices, compact discs, and wireless transmissions from its centralized administrative control. (from a single location in near real-time)

An ideal complement to, enforce BYOD policy, and to block attacks from the outside. The Central management Control application and Client Service are very light on system resources consumption, and have minimum dependencies and component requirements. (capable to run on embedded OS). Doesn't interfere with HMI interface.

USB-Lock-RP endpoint security software is used extensively to secure SCADA supervisory computer network, in: offshore & onshore Oil drilling, and production operations, electric grids, chemical plants, water treatment plants, and facility-based critical SCADA/ICS infrastructure in general.  

USB-Lock-RP core functionality differs from other endpoint security, network access control solutions as its Data loss prevention effectiveness is a consequence of protecting the operating system. (Protects from data incoming and outgoing)

Commitment to Scada systems protection:

Since 2004 when USB-Lock-RP development started, the Advanced Systems team is dedicated to licensing and upgrading this software solution and today in 2017 our commitment is stronger than ever to never drop legacy compatibility to older operating systems as many Scada supervisory computers, are still found running on those OS, and to always protect the latest windows operating systems from unauthorized use of ordinary and emerging technology devices. As its true that USB Lock RP endpoint-security software protects, not only, Scada networks, it is also our commitment to remain a machine-level protection tool and not to compromise Scada systems security by favoring user-based protection on future upgrades.

Choosing the correct Endpoint security software to protect SCADA Systems:

If you are looking for user-level, or active directory, or GPO based, or internet dependant,or cloud-based network endpoint security you may find other software that will probably better suit your requirements. But if you are looking for SCADA Systems Security to protect supervisory computers network, from unauthorized use of removable-storage, portable devices, cd/dvd, & wireless transmissions (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IrDA) you should download and put USB-Lock-RP to the test as we strongly believe you have found what you are looking for. USB-Lock RP Control (administrative console  interface) is straightforward, and easy to use; there is virtually no learning curve involved.  Download and you will be: protecting, authorizing, and receiving reports of blocked or allowed devices in minutes.

USB-Lock-RP: SCADA Network Security Software, Characteristics Highlight:
  • System machine-level security, protects before users logs into the system. 
  • Does not require internet connection.
  • Does not interfere with human-machine interface (HMI) or non storage capable peripherals such as Keyboards, Mouse, webcams, KVM switches..
  • Permanent licenses. + 2-years free updates - after two years updates are at 20% of licensing cost (updates are optional)
  • Personalized. alert screens presented at client stations are personalized with your organization logo (required)
  • Low resources usage. (applies to both components: The Server Control application & The Clients service)
  • Full featured Demo available for download.
  • Strong - Audited by worlds best.
  • Straightforward and intuitive central control interface. 
Notes: - If some of your, Scada supervisory computers, are not connected to the network, we will provide a stand-alone version so you can protect those systems.
             - When ordering consider only the number of client licenses that will go into production, redundancy: standby, and  test systems licenses are free of charge.

Download and test USB-Lock-RP to see why it's second-to-none SCADA Network Security Software.