USB Lock Standard Data loss prevention (DLP) software designed to protect data inside: 

usb lock st endpoint security software gude

USB Lock Standard manual (pdf)

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For windows desktop & laptops:
 XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (32/64 bit )


Installer file name:


USB Lock ST File size:
2.07MB (version 4.0)


PCs and Laptops

 by controlling the use of:
usb lock standard data leak protector

Storage Removable Drives:

- USB (thumb drives, IPod, MP3 players...)
- Smart Cards (CF, SD, MMC, XD...)
- Other Removable drives (Zip, floppy...)
Compact discs : CD's, DVD's..
Transceivers:Infrared (IrDA),USB Bluetooth

USB thumb drives and smartcards

    by password protecting your files:
usb lock standard authorized usb drive protection

Portable protector
Drag & Drop functionality
- Auto destroys protected files after 4 wrong password entries.
- 128 bit hash key to cipher all data content.
- Create as many protectors as needed
- Runs within usb drive (operates in other PC)



USB Lock Standard endpoint security software advantages:

  • Real-time data loss prevention DLP of all user accounts, running light at operating system level, without affecting the normally used usb peripherals: keyboards, mouse, most printers, scanner, v-cams etc.
  • Able to run on manual or auto mode:
    • Manual mode (with password): System tray easy access password window from any account.
    • Auto mode (with usb token): Easily making your usb thumb drive a key (token) that allows usage
  • Requires password to uninstall.
  • Reports the names of extracted files by usb storage removable drives (usb aware capability included)
  • Operates on any PC or Laptop running Windows XP ,Vista, Windows 7 (32 or 64 bits) without affecting performance.

"smart local access control of removable portable devices, effectively protecting data" 



USB Lock Standard is the tool of choice if you need to prevent information loss due to the unauthorized use of USB storage removable drives, CD-Rom, and Floppy. Without blocking other USB devices like printers, mouse, cameras, etc. USB Lock Standard is a tool that allows you to restrict USB use.

USB Lock Standard is suitable for either Home or Corporate use (In cases when the user is allowed to manage his or her own security). Its anti-hack security works as a Windows Service at Local System level allowing the program to effectively run even on computers with no restricted privileges.

USB Lock Standard 01 License to use usb lock standard in one PC or Laptop.
(includes usb aware capability and usb portable protector)
USD 38.00
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